America is the land of the free and the home of this brave individual who took a blowtorch to the Trump/Pence sign on his neighbor's lawn. Does it get more American than this? Yes. Because apparently his urge to destroy the sign was so overpowering, he didn't stop to put on pants first.

This guy basically sums up most of the country right now: full of rage, behaving badly, and in our underwear. It's lucky most of us don't have easy access to a blowtorch.


The attack reportedly took place early yesterday morning in a Wisconsin suburb. And the owner of the sign, Jane Leighty, told NBC that what upset her the most was the response of people passing by. Nobody tried to stop the guy or alert the police. Two people did stop, but it was to fist-bump him.

I don't condone desecrating other people's property. And yet, watching this video, I've never felt more proud to be American.

Sources: Twitter