Last Tuesday night, America held its breath waiting for the results of the 2016 presidential election to come in. As the night went on, stress apparently got the better of a lot of us, because America started ordering booze. A lot of it.

Yes, America took to their delivery apps to order beer, wine, and anything else that would ensure they were anything but sober when the new president was announced. Basically, we were all watching those election returns like:

Delivery app Postmates saw a huge spike in alcohol orders on election night. A spokesman for the company told Eater that demand for alcohol was "through the roof" at 97% higher than it is on a typical Tuesday.

Postmates' competitor, Door Dash, saw a similar spike. Compared to other Tuesdays in October and November of this year, they saw 90% more orders from liquor stores and 50% more from wine bars on election night.

Postmates also saw a smaller peak in alcohol sales during the lunch hour on Wednesday, presumably from a lot of sad Clinton supporters.

Something tells me the spike in sales may last for the next four years.

Sources: Eater