On Tuesday, a panel talk hosted by Don Lemon, Angela Rye "Beyoncéd" (by her own admission) recently fired Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, telling him "Boy, bye" on CNN. And he really couldn't have been asking for it any harder.

Rye says that Trump had been maligning President Obama long before he ever started slouching towards the presidency, pointing out that Trump was the one who called for Obama to release his Harvard transcripts. Lewandowski, in turn, latches on to the issue of the transcripts and just won't let it go, asking her over and over again if Obama had ever actually released them, and then blames Rye, claiming she was the one who "raised the issue." She then reminds him that Trump refuses to release his tax returns, and says "Corey, in this moment, I'm going to Beyoncé you. Boy, bye."