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Anthony Weiner to plead guilty to sexting a minor.

Anthony Weiner to plead guilty to sexting a minor.

UPDATED: Anthony Weiner has appeared in court, and read the following statement, as reported by NBC New York.

Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner will plead guilty to "transferring obscene materials to a minor, the New York Times.

Weiner, whose propensity to take and share photos of his penis lead him to resign from Congress in 2011, is appearing in a Manhattan federal court on Friday. He will plead guilty to sending sexually explicit messages to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina.

The Times explains that the charge carries a potential sentence of zero to 10 years in prison, but as a result of the plea, he could register as a sex offender and potentially avoid prison.

One of the obscene pictures discovered in this exchange with the minor was Anthony Weiner sexting a picture of his crotch lying in bed next to his four-year-old son.

Sources: The New York Times
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