UPDATED: Anthony Weiner has appeared in court, and read the following statement, as reported by NBC New York.

Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner will plead guilty to "transferring obscene materials to a minor, the New York Times.

Weiner, whose propensity to take and share photos of his penis lead him to resign from Congress in 2011, is appearing in a Manhattan federal court on Friday. He will plead guilty to sending sexually explicit messages to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina.


The Times explains that the charge carries a potential sentence of zero to 10 years in prison, but as a result of the plea, he could register as a sex offender and potentially avoid prison.

One of the obscene pictures discovered in this exchange with the minor was Anthony Weiner sexting a picture of his crotch lying in bed next to his four-year-old son.

Sexting a minor, though allegedly consensual, was the last straw for his wife, Huma Abedin, who left him. The last time we heard, back in January, Athony Weiner moved in with his mom. And now he might have to move into jail.


And now the countdown is on to see if President Donald Trump will tweet about this.

Sources: The New York Times