If Donald Trump drove down I-94 in Dearborn, Michigan, he would pass a sign mocking him. He wouldn't know that, though. All he would understand is the web address in the bottom lefthand corner:

And assuming his fingers were too greasy from KFC to search for this article on his phone, he would have to find a friend who speaks Arabic to translate it to for him.

A spokesperson for the group behind the billboard, Melissa Harris, told local news that that's exactly the point.


"We intentionally did not put the translation on the board," said Harris, representing the super PAC "Nuisance Committee."

"I like the idea of people who do not speak Arabic [having] to ask their friends who do speak Arabic for them to translate the board for them."

Dearborn has a large Arab-American population, according to Harris, and she hopes the sign will "generate some dialogue between Arabic-speaking people and non-Arabic-speaking people in Detroit and across the country."


Donald Trump: bringing people together across the nation—to better understand messages denouncing him.