If we could also refuse service from Arizona Legislators, that would be nice, too. (via)

This is a sign from Rocco's Little Chicago Pizza in Tucson, AZ, who posted it to their Facebook page last night with the caption, "Funny how just being decent is starting to seem radical these days." Let's not also forget that "decent" has fallen to "people who don't want legal discrimination back in society," which excludes most of the Arizona Legislature, who just passed exactly that.

The sign sums up a lot of people's feelings about the new law that just passed the Arizona Senate on Wednesday, its House of Representatives on Thursday, and is headed to Republican Gov. Jan Brewer's desk today. That bill creates a legal defense for business owners to deny service to people based on sincerely held religious beliefs if it would be an extreme burden on their freedom of religion. Basically, the right to discriminate if you say you really mean it.

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