When pigs fly.

Death from Above 2015. 
Death from Above 2015. 

North Dakota has legalized armed police drones, but don't worry because the drones can only be armed with tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and Tasers. The only thing more menacing than a wall of militarized police controlling a crowd is a wall of militarized police with a cloud of militarized drones hovering above them.

According to the most recent census data available, North Dakota ranks 47 on the list for violent crime, and 48 for population. Probably best to play it safe and have armed police drones just in case the peaceful and minimal residents of North Dakota get out of line. This likely means that jaywalking or parking in front of a fire hydrant may result in you getting blasted from the sky. Or if anyone gets a little too rowdy at the state fair or high school football game, they'll hear the buzz of drones approach to keep things in order.

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