When Barack Obama makes a joke, people laugh. Here he is at the Obama Foundation's global summit on Tuesday welcoming attendees to his hometown of Chicago.

"The reason I'm so excited to see you all here today — in part — is because this is where I started. Now, this isn't where I was born," clarified Obama, "I was born in Kenya."

That's something of a not-at-all veiled dig at the current president, who led the infamous, racist "birther" movement alleging that Obama was born in Kenya.

As mentioned above, when Obama makes a joke, it's usually pretty funny. His crowd, for one, loved the Kenya dig. When Donald Trump makes a "joke," people are shocked and horrified, usually because the content is both shocking and horrifying. Exhibit A:

Donald Trump's got something a generous observer might call a warped sense of humor, which is why we know he'll be taking the above audio from Obama's joke and cutting it into a campaign ad over images of Arlington Cemetery to make some point about Lyin' Whoever.

Anyway, rewatch Obama joking and then watch this clip of W. Bush making Obama laugh. As hated as Bush was by much of the country, his public image has been rehabilitated in his post-presidential life as something of a charmer.

All I can wonder is if the same will happen to Trump in 20 years. Time makes (not all) presidents funnier.