Pete Souza, the official White House photographer of the Obama era, has been known to slam Donald Trump with epic photographic clap backs–and on numerous occasions. He did accumulate nearly 2 million photos of President Obama throughout his presidency, after all.

So on Tuesday, when the Trump administration announced it was ending DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an Obama era policy that protected the children of undocumented immigrants from being deported, Souza obviously came through with the perfect post.

The photographer took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of Barack Obama in the White House, meeting with a group of immigrants. As Souza describes in the caption, the people in the photo immigrated to the United States along with undocumented guardians as young kids, and they were raised as Americans. "For these 'dreamers,' today could be a nightmare," reads the caption. Souza explains that the DACA program protects this group of immigrants, along with approximately 800,000 others, from being deported. DACA also allows these young adults work permits in the U.S.


Barack Obama was quick to share his disapproval of the Trump administration's ending of DACA, which the Obama administration put in place in 2012. The former POTUS posted a lengthy statement on Facebook on Tuesday, explaining why he believes in DACA so passionately, and how the fate of these 800,000 undocumented immigrants now lays in the hands of Congress.

This was by no means the first time Pete Souza shared a flawless example of Barack Obama being lovely to contrast Trump being awful. Other occasions include Hurricane Harvey, the Trumpcare vote, the boy scout debacle, and when Melania Trump denied her husband's hand-holding attempt–to name a few.