Remember when Barack Obama was president and every day was filled with magic? Me too.

But President Barack Obama lives in the past, sadly. At least, in the United States.

HOWEVER, a few clever people across the pond in France figured out a way Barack Obama could technically become president again—but this time, the president of FRANCE, the Washington Post reports.

Seriously though. France is preparing for a presidential election in just a few months, and the current front-runners are problematic and polarizing. We all know how that can end.

So a group of French optimists have decided to try and bring a better option to the table, by recycling a former US President. But they don't want just any old US president—they want Barack Obama. And, like, I get it.

These posters have been appearing all over Paris in recent weeks:


The group also has a website where they urge citizens to sign a petition to urge Obama to run.

“The French are ready to make radical choices,” says a statement on the website. “That is good because we have a radical idea to propose to them.”

They list various reasons he would be the best president for France, like the fact that he has “the best résumé in the world for the job.” Duhhhhhh.

"Oui on peut" 😂😊 #obama17 #yeswecan #vivelarepublique #presidentielle #barakobama

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But what about the fact that Obama is not French? That could be a benefit! “At a time when France is about to vote massively for the far right, we can give a lesson in democracy to the planet by electing a foreigner as French president,” says the website.

This all sounds like a great idea but there is one catch: Barack Obama would have to consent to this. And I'm pretty sure if and when they ask him, his response will go something like this:


Sorry, France. But also, not sorry. You already get everything.

Sources: Washington Post