The results of an unofficial poll by the New York Times revealed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to be the "Worst Trump Cabinet Member," according to their mostly furious-at-Trump readers.

Their logic: "It's hard to be worse than Sessions or Pruitt. But DeVos deals with... children."

In case you haven't followed the policy of Betsy DeVos, a TIME article called her "the most anti-public education person ever to lead the Department of Education." That's in keeping with many Trump cabinet picks, where he choose someone who seemed completely antithetical to the mission of the organization.


In recent DeVos news, the Grizzly woman hired "the CEO of a for-profit student loan company" to head up the government's student aid efforts. In another lowlight, from February, her department rolled back protections for transgender students.

But let's leave policy behind for a second, and remember the most amusing of DeVos. We deserve it. These are the most incredible DeVos moments since she burst onto the political scene like a Grizzly bear into a classroom.


1. When she got booed so badly the dean had to intervene.

So. Much. Booing.

The graduating students of Bethune-Cookman University in Florida definitely agree with this New York Times pick. The students at the historically black university promptly booed DeVos when she took the podium to give a commencement speech. The graduates turned their backs on her, and the dean actually stepped in to tell students if "this behavior continues, your degrees will be mailed to you."


2. When another school trolled DeVos for her infamous Grizzly Bear statement.

So what happened March 10th, 1923?
A Redditor posted this sign. Apparently there was one attack... 94-years-ago.

This will be relevant for most moments on this list.

During her confirmation hearing for the cabinet position, DeVos was asked whether guns should be allowed in schools. After trying to duck the question, she brought up a school in Wyoming. Via NBC News:

"I think probably there, I would imagine that there's probably a gun in the in the school to protect from potential grizzlies."


3. The Twitter explosion after her confirmation by the Senate.


On February 7, Twitter mourned. Sadness always brings out the best in Twitter.

4. When Betsy DeVos learned never to ask a rhetorical question.

The day after her confirmation, DeVos asked—smiley face included—"Now where do I find the pencils?"

People answered.


6. When the White House made an all-too ironic spelling error on Snapchat.

(Editor's note: In honor of public education under DeVos, this list has erroneously skipped from number 4 to number 6.)

Since many Trump-detractors felt that Betsy DeVos would ruin public education and with it our children's ability to spell, the Snapchat error was delightful in a we're-all-gonna-die type of way. Although, that error was the fault of the White House. Can't really blame DeVos.


You can blame her for this one, though!

That's not how you spell W.E.B. Du Bois.

Less than a week into her tenure as head of the Department of Education, and DeVos' own department didn't even bother to delete their mistake.

Congratulations on your big win, Betsy Devos! It wasn't worth it.