During election season, many a Democrat joked that if Donald Trump won the presidency, they'd be getting the hell out of America and moving to the land of Justin Trudeau. And while it seems most disappointed Americans chose to stick it out and stay here through all of Trump's shit storms, there's nothing wrong with fleeing the U.S. temporarily for a quick week in Canada. The latest people to give this coping technique a whirl are none other than Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton.

As reported by local news outlet The Sherbrook Times, the Clintons are staying in the Québec village of North Hatley to meet with former Canadian prime minister Jean Chrétien. CTV Montreal News adds that the political power couple brought along their daughter Chelsea Clinton and her two kids, and the whole family is staying at Manoir Hovey, a palatial hotel.


Locals greeted the Clintons in town, and one reporter snagged a quick video interview with the former prez. In the clip, which she shared on Twitter, she asks Bill Clinton what he's been doing in North Hatley. "We've been at the... place, walking in the woods, and we went on the lake today," Bill told her.

That's right, Bill and Hillary Clinton have been WALKING IN THE WOODS AGAIN.

It's a little unclear what Bill means by "the place," even though he vaguely pointed into the distance as he said it, but he did add that everything was "beautiful."


As you may recall, just a few days after Hillary Clinton's November loss, a woman ran into her while hiking in the woods. The story quickly went viral, Clinton was spotted in the woods several other times since then, and she even joked about it in a speech. Hillary and Bill Clinton are clearly big fans of the woods–and if Hillary wants to base all future vacations around towns that have good hiking grounds, we totally support that.

Plenty of fans who spotted Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton in North Hatley shared photos and videos with the couple online. If the following pics and vids make you feel jealous of these people and/or in an even bigger rage about America's current political state, might we suggest cooling down with a nice walk in the woods?


Belle visite de Bill & Hillary Clinton !! @hillaryclinton @auberge_la_chocolatiere

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Day 242: "When Nicole Dumontet found out the Clinton family would be staying at the renowned Manoir Hovey in the small Quebec town of North Hatley, booking a room at the same time was the only option. "I have to be frank with you," the Montrealer said in an interview. "We came because the Clintons were here." Dumontet, who has actually vacationed at the inn for 20 years, saw the Clintons up close Tuesday, eating breakfast at the table next to former U.S. president Bill Clinton, ex-secretary of state Hillary Clinton, their daughter Chelsea and her grandchildren. Dumontet said the defeated presidential candidate did not mind people speaking to her or having her photo taken. But few people approached the Clintons' table on Monday night or Tuesday morning, according to Dumontet. "We didn't want to disturb them too much," she added . . . Meanwhile, the North Hatley mayor said the town is buzzing with the visit, which began last weekend and is set to continue through Sunday. "There's a certain atmosphere in the air," said Michael Page. "You can certainly feel the excitement and all the merchants are all hoping to get a visit by the Clintons in their establishment." - 'Visit by Clinton family has small Quebec town buzzing', by Stephanie Marin, the Globe and Mail ( ). #imwithher #stillwithher #strongertogether #lovetrumpshate #onwardtogether #globeandmail #northhatley #1500daysforher

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