Well, at least this proves that the Jews and the Irish could eventually be mainstream.

Despite the problematic nature of the visuals, they do a pretty decent job (for, y'know, some white dudes). Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly, the liberal comedian and conservative pundit, enjoy each other's company a surprising amount, and have been known to engage in full-length, special TV event debates. They're like a friendlier and less erudite version of Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley needling and despising each other on their ABC debates. Last night, on the Daily Show, the Fox News host dropped by to discuss his book Killing Patton (part of O'Reilly's long-running Killing Historical Figures series). Stewart, on the other hand, wanted to finish up a fight that started between O'Reilly and fellow Fox Star Megyn Kelly, who forcefully argued that "white privilege" is a real thing that does affect daily life in America. The debate goes more places than you'd think.

Sources: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart