Perhaps no recent death has been as controversial as that of Fidel Castro. Some are remembering him as a revolutionary leader, others as a dictator who denied the Cuban people of basic rights. One thing is certain, his legacy will continue to be debated.

Now, I am not one for celebrating the death of another human being, so instead I'd like to bring you some of Twitter's best reactions to the news of his passing.

1. Some are speculating the cause of death:


2. Some are reveling in the irony:

3. Some think 2016 killed him:

4. While others are speculating on where he'll end up:


5. Of course Trump had to say something weird:

6. And someone had to make fun of that:

7. Maybe it was the CIA's plan all along:


8. Man, first Bowie, then Prince, now Castro?

9. Somebody had to point out the hypocrisy:

10. And it wouldn't be Twitter if we didn't bring up the email scandal: