Chris Christie called into a sports radio show on Wednesday to explain why it appeared he was pouring a bag of M&Ms into a larger box of M&Ms at a basketball game last week. Naturally, the picture looked bad for a guy that takes lots of cracks about his weight.

So, Christie called into Boomer & Carton, a New York sports radio show to explain the pic in question:


While the pic looks damning and gluttonous, Christie explained on the show that at some arenas, a box of M&Ms contains a bag of M&Ms inside it:

You get the box, you open the box, there’s a bag inside the box, why they do it that way I have no idea, but you open the up the bag, you pour the bag into the box so it’s easier to hold.  

It's true that a box is easier to hold than a bag. Christie said he had no idea why they package it like that, and he praised the parent company (Mars), because their chocolate business is headquartered in New Jersey.

Sadly, the reason why they put the bag inside the box might be that it appears you're getting more candy (full box), but in reality you're getting a smaller bag. But since he's still Governor of New Jersey, he can't say anything bad about a prominent New Jersey business. The chocolate industry has powerful friends, and they are not to be crossed.

Sources: Gawker