One of Donald Trump's most consistent acts as president is angrily calling major news sources FAKE NEWS! when they print something about him that he doesn't like. From the New York Times to CNN, the liberal media is apparently all fake news (if you believe what our president says, that is). So to combat this, Trump is promoting Trump TV, a video channel on his Facebook page that brings viewers the "real news," according to him.

The latest installment features reporter and conservative pundit Kayleigh McEnany, who left her job as a correspondent at CNN for the Trump TV gig. "While I have enjoyed my time at CNN, I will be moving to a new role. Stay tuned next week!" she tweeted to her followers on Saturday. By Sunday morning, her "real news report" was live on Trump's Facebook page.


In the video, filmed at Trump Tower in New York City, Kayleigh McEnany reports on a few financial stats, all of which she credits to Trump having "clearly steered the economy in the right direction." She kicks things off by telling viewers she bears "great economic news" and says that since Trump took office six months ago, he himself has created over 1 million jobs, the unemployment rate is at a 16 year low, consumer confidence is at a 16 year high, and Dow Jones continues to break records. "President Trump has clearly steered the economy back in the right direction," McEnany says, before presenting a smile to the camera.


If those stats sound somewhat familiar, it may be because Donald Trump has bragged about them before. Last week, Lara Trump, Eric Trump's wife, appeared in a similar video on Trump's Facebook page, where she reported many of the same news items. Hmmm.

Kayleigh McEnany also talks about Trump's Raise Act, alleging that, "for decades, a steady rise in immigration has depressed the wages of American workers." This just may be the Trump administration's most subtle message of xenophobia yet!

She also reports that Donald Trump rolled out a reform package that will enable veterans to receive better access to healthcare, adding that Trump is dedicated to "ensuring that [veterans] receive the care that they deserve." If Trump loves anything in this world, it's giving citizens access to healthca—HAHAHAHA. Sorry, I just couldn't get through that.


Maybe it's the creepy little smile at the end of each segment, maybe it's the Trump-themed backdrop, or maybe it's the fact that Kayleigh McEnany left a real job at CNN for this B.S., but something about her report is reminiscent of Avery Jessup's news reports as a captive of Kim Jong Il on 30 Rock. (Although it's unlikely that McEnany was actually kidnapped Avery Jessup-style, considering the pro-Trump and anti-Hillary Clinton stance she has taken on many occasions.)

CNN, McEnany's former network, reports that it's unclear if the videos are being paid for by the Trump re-election campaign, by the RNC, or by the government (the latter seems unlikely).

In case you're not yet convinced that something about Trump TV is a little off, please enjoy the internet's thoughts on the unique broadcast:

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