The 25 best times news channels savagely trolled Trump.

The 25 best times news channels savagely trolled Trump.

Cable news know that President Donald Trump is watching, and they're sure to troll him whenever they can. And because we live in a post-fact society, "troll" really means "fact check" or "provide context." The news reacting and fact-checking Trump in real time show just how wild and absurd the world has gotten.

1. Snake eats tail.

2. Us too.

3. Read this one in a Ron Howard/Arrested Development narrator voice.

4. Words don't mean anything anymore.

5. Please clap.

6. Context is everything.


7. Fact check.

8. We don't forget.

9. The president can't even spell.

10. Poor baby.


11. Such perks.

12. Keeping Up with the Contradictions.

13. Freudian slip?

14. Even the Elf King is surprised.


15. He started it!

16. The Andrew Jackson Twofer.

17. There's layers to his wrongness.

18. Heavy is the head that wears the crown.


19. It's also in Anderson Cooper's eyes.

20. It's an on-again, off-again relationship.

21. Chyrons have feelings, too.

22. Oh, the side-eye.


23. It's not like that was one of his chants or anything.

24. Troll the goal.

25. President Trump, not to be confused with the Easter Bunny.