Here's a story that would almost be cute if it weren't about our president. Donald Trump—who isn't known for his restraint of pen, tongue or Twitter—spoiled his son ​​​ Eric Trump and his daughter-in-law Lara Yunaska's recent pregnancy announcement, the couple revealed in an interview with Fox & Friends this morning.

Eric and Lara, who are expecting Trump's 9th grandchild in September, told Fox & Friends they first broke the news to their family on Inauguration Day. "What was amazing was how excited my father was," said Eric, 33. "He was on cloud nine."


Well that's... sweet? I guess? Then Eric continued: "He saw Lara at the big event a few weeks ago in Tennessee, and she went out to introduce him and before, he goes, 'Lara, it’s a boy! I can’t wait! It’s a boy!'"

And Lara said: "He told everyone in the room, and I was like, 'We haven’t told anyone yet!'"

But she added that the president "couldn’t help it."


Like I said, this could be a cute story if it were about anyone else. Because this grandpa who "adorably" can't keep his big mouth shut is the President of the United States. That's right, Ol' Grandpa Blabbermouth has access to our nuclear codes. I'm scared.

Sources: Daily Mail