It's no secret that our president is a huge creep you wouldn't trust alone in a room with any woman you know. So sadly, no one is surprised by this new unearthed footage from 2000 that shows Donald Trump blatantly hitting on one of the Spice Girls, while his then-girlfriend Melania awkwardly stands right by him.

How did the worst guy at every frat party become president of the United States???

The clip is from 2000 and shows Spice Girls Emma Bunton ("Baby Spice") and Victoria Beckham ("Posh Spice") working the red carpet at a VH1 party.


"Donald Trump looks like a banker this evening," says Beckham to the camera, adding: "Not at all stylish–but god he’s rich so we’ll interview him anyway."

The duo then approaches him for an interview, and Trump audibly says "very nice" while turning to gawk at Emma Bunton's behind. She clearly did NOT wannabe his lover, and let him know that.

You can watch the uncomfortable and totally in-character moment here:


Clearly Donald Trump had not watched a single Spice Girls video or he would know his behavior goes against everything these ladies stand for, i.e. GIRL POWER.

In a perfect world, men would get slapped, broken up with, and ostracized from society for this behavior. In our world, they become president.

Sorry, Baby Spice. We really really let you down zig a zig ah.

Sources: Independent