President Donald Trump has added a new handshake to his ever-growing repertoire, and it's definitely the craziest one yet. Today, Trump shook hands with French president Emmanuel Macron for a full 29 seconds, while walking and talking through the whole thing.

At one point—just because Trump's weird—he decided to bring French First Lady Brigitte Macron (she of the "good shape") into the mix, too. Handshake à trois is probably not going to catch on in France, though.


Here's a breakdown of the action: First, the two men grasp hands, as Macron pats Trump on the back. Then, Trump takes the lead, patting Macron's hand, and they continue to hold onto each other awkwardly. Next, Trump pulls a classic arm yank, and Macron nearly loses his balance, but continues to stand strong.

At about second 10, Macron pats Trump's arm, signaling that he'd like to be set free, but Trump is having no part of that. At second 16, Trump does an odd sort of side-to-side move with his hand while holding the French president close.


At second 19, Trump reaches over and hugs and kisses Mrs. Macron, while still holding on to her husband's hand. Then he grabs her hand, too, and now Trump is effectively shaking two people's hands at once. (Trump's always got to do things big. Sorry, bigly.)

They stay like this until second 28, at which point Trump finally drops Mrs. Macron's hand. One second later, he drops her husband's hand.

At long last, it is over. Trump is finally done, and Macron and his wife are set free. RUN FOR IT!