If you go to one of Donald Trump's golf clubs, you may find this framed Time magazine cover hanging on the wall. The cover, which is dated March 1, 2009, boasts a large photo of Trump, along with headlines like "Donald Trump: 'The Apprentice' is a smash!" and "TRUMP IS HITTING ON ALL FRONTS... EVEN TV!" Looks pretty impressive, but there's just one problem with it. The Washington Post has learned that the cover is fake.

That's right, friends. Donald Trump has literal fake news hanging on his wall.


According to the Post, there was no March 1, 2009 issue of Time magazine. There was a March 2, 2009 issue, but that cover featured actress Kate Winslet. In fact, there wasn't an issue of Time that featured Trump on the cover published at any time in 2009.

If you look closely, the Post points out, there are some elements of the Trump cover's design that are inconsistent with actual Time covers. The red border is thinner on the fake cover, and is missing the smaller white border next to it that appears on actual Time covers. Also, the smaller headlines are positioned differently than they would be on the real thing. (Oddly enough, though, those headlines on Trump's cover actually did appear in Time in 2009.)


"I can confirm that this is not a real TIME cover," Time Inc. spokeswoman Kerri Chyka told The Washington Post in an email.

The Post hasn't figured out who created the fake cover or why they did, but one thing's for sure: Trump just keeps getting more and more bizarre.

You can watch The Washington Post's David A. Fahrenthold break down the fake TIME cover below.

Sources: The Washington Post