Surprise! It turns out Donald Trump's a big ol' hypocrite when it comes to his feelings about so-called "locker room talk." While being extremely dismissive of his own "locker room talk"/bragging about sexually assaulting women since the leak of the video of him saying horrible, sexist things about women, in 2010 Trump actually fired a woman from Celebrity Apprentice for similar (not even nearly as bad) language.

In a clip obtained by The Daily Show, Trump fires chef Maria Kanellis from his show Celebrity Apprentice for talking about "crap" (of the literal poop variety), saying "Isn't it sort of gross, bringing that up? It's like…disgusting. This is my board room, it's not a locker room. Maria, you're fired."


That's quite a turnaround from his stance now, which is that while lewd discussions may be regrettable, they're certainly not something one loses a job over.

Of his own "locker room talk," Trump said, "I’m not proud of it. I apologize to my family. I apologize to the American people. Certainly I’m not proud of it. But this is locker-room talk."

Sources: h/t Daily News