Donald Trump had a big weekend at the G20 summit in Germany, hobnobbing with world leaders and generating another ten thousand embarrassing headlines. One of those stung worse than others. This one:

And the ones like it on CNN, The Guardian, Politico, and every other site with a sighing editor working weekends.

It's obvious why it's controversial: Ivanka Trump is not an elected official. And while the BBC says it's common for a "leader's absence" to be filled in by "high-ranking officials," Ivanka Trump is an advisor. It's questionable.


Also questionable is Trump's defense. As natural as it is to blame Chelsea Clinton and Hillary Clinton for your negative headlines...

Trump is like a great science fiction writer. In an alternate universe, Hillary Clinton is president. Wow! And in that alternate universe, Hillary Clinton asked her daughter, Chelsea, to sit in for her at the G20. The alt-world media loved it! But in this alternate universe, Trump is a private citizen, and he—apparently—hated it? Even though it's what he just did, in the real world.


And then aliens attack New York City.

I love Trump's science fiction.

(For good measure, Trump also tweeted this about Hillary Clinton, apropos of nothing):

He just needs a better copy editor.