Dr. Harold N. Bornstein, Donald Trump's longtime physician, revealed some of the president's medical mysteries in an interviews with the New York Times. Dr. Bornstein revealed the secret behind Trump's famous attribute—no, not his narcissism, but the fox carcass that rests on his head.

Violating doctor-patient confidentiality, Bornstein told the Times that Trump takes a prostate-related drug that promotes hair growth: Finansteride, also known as Propecia.

The drug is commonly prescribed to battle male pattern baldness, and has a considerable amount of side effects, according to

Dr. Bornstein also told the Times that he prescribes Trump antibiotics to control rosacea, a statin for elevated blood cholesterol and lipids, and a baby aspirin he takes once a day to reduce his risk of a heart attack.

The White House has yet to comment of Dr. Bornstein's disclosure, or say if he is still the president's doctor.

Sources: New York Times