President Donald Trump is all about the handshake—the gesture of machismo that proves his dominance over other and all men.

The handshake has been the tent-pole of Trump's diplomacy, turning every meeting with world leaders into literal hand-to-hand combat.

Now, the latest addition to the inevitable handshake exhibit in Trump's Presidential Library is an awkward encounter with the First Lady of Poland, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, who ignores Donald to greet Melania. Whether or not it's a deliberate act of #resistance (probably not), or product of Polish etiquette, Donald's left hanging, and he looks so damn sad and just walks away.


Watch it in widescreen, with some extra, helpful context.

The trip to Poland was off to an interesting start before he even arrived. The Associated Press reported that the Polish government officially promised the White House a cheering crowd, and Newsweek adds that members of the country's ruling party were each told to bring 50 supporters to the event, and had people bussed in to Warsaw.


"The tactic is a mirror of that adopted when Poland was a member of the Soviet bloc, and the Communist Party would bus agreeable crowds to Warsaw to greet visiting dignitaries from Moscow," Newsweek wrote.

Well, it worked. A Confederate soldier even made it on the bus.

Praise be.