Donald Trump hosted a Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House and it was as strange as it sounds. The man who kicked off his presidential campaign by calling Mexicans rapists now occupies the office, and tried to read the teleprompter speech as normally as possible, but the whole event couldn't help but add an air of surreality.

Here are the strangest moments.

1. Trump pronounced "Puerto Rico" with an accent like he was a Jet mocking the Sharks in West Side Story.

It's also basically the aural equivalent of this tweet.


2. Trump said that Hispanic Americans are sometimes "too tough."

Note: If this is an attempt at a joke, it's not funny.

3. He implied that Hispanic Americans' president is actually the president of Mexico.

Note: Hispanic Americans' president is the President of the United States, which in this case, is Donald Trump.


4. He basically teased young Hispanics, talking about "dreams" when he phased out the DREAM Act.

5. This guy had his slogans crossed on his hat.

Note: Bro, it's "Make America Great Again" on the red hat, and "Build the Wall" on the morph suits.