Alec Baldwin's Saturday Night Live portrayal of President Donald Trump is probably the most famous, but that doesn't mean there aren't other Trump impersonators out there. In fact, they're all over the globe. Take for example Li Liangwei, the number one Trump impersonator in China.

Admittedly, Li Liangwei and Donald Trump look nothing alike, but that's nothing a little makeup and hair dye can't fix... right? Time reports that Li teamed up with entertainment agent Zhou Danrong (who also reps two Barack Obama impersonators and a Kim Jong Un), who helped him transform into the almost-Trump you see today.


According to Time, Li has become China's go-to Trump impersonator and receives several hundred dollars per appearance as Donald Trump.

"People always say I resemble Trump not just in appearance, but far more important, in temperament and spirit," he said. "The temperament and character quality of a great man are not built in a day."

Let's hope Li lives far away enough to be spared a Trump tweet-storm.

Sources: Time