Last night's debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump reminds me of every conversation I had with a drunk, coked-up frat guy at a college party. (In defense of drunk frat guys, most of them don't run for president.) ICYMI, he interrupted her. Constantly. Sometimes to interject with something bordering on a sentence. And sometimes to just yell "WRONG!"

This supercut captures every time Trump interrupted Clinton last night—a staggering 51 times in under an hour. That's about once a minute. Which is many, many more times than he made a cohesive point.

Watch Donald Trump interrupt Hillary Clinton 51 times at Monda...

And now, a completely unprepared man will interrupt a highly prepared woman, 51 times, only to prove he actually has very little to say!

Posted by Ezra Klein on Tuesday, September 27, 2016