Donald Trump Jr got in some hot water in September for a joke about "warming up the gas chamber," but it's hardly the first time his Twitter's gotten attention. Some linked it to his previous flirtations with white supremacists. Others have noted that Don Junior has a long history of weird utterances on Twitter. Full disclosure: He and I followed each other on Twitter for a couple years, which is how I became first aware of some of these gems. Anyway, enjoy 13 of the greatest DJTJR tweets of all time!

1. Imagine the walks we'll be seeing on Nov. 9th.


2. Tiny hands may run in the family:

3. Who hasn't contemplated shooting Santa Claus?


4. Maybe you had to be there.

5. Irony alert!

6. Now this sounds a little more Dad-like.


7. Guess Mexico isn't ALL bad...

8. Then again, farts.

9. This guy has serious issues with Santa Claus.


10. WHO IS GARY??!

11. It's safe to say he's not having this problem in 2016.