We've already learned way more than we ever wanted to know about Donald Trump thanks to his frequent appearances on Howard Stern's show in the '90s and early '00s.

And you're about to learn a lot more.

In a resurfaced interview from 1999, Trump appeared on Stern's radio show to discuss his campaign for president, which few took seriously at the time (much like when he ran last year). After some banter, things quickly got PG-13 when Stern asked Trump to put his then-girlfriend Melania on the phone.


Then, in an exchange that is even misogynist by Howard Stern standards, the radio host asks her what she's wearing ("not much" she replied) and if she's nude ("almost"). He then asks if she goes to Trump’s apartment every night to have sex and she says yes, then adds “even more."

He then grills her on her sex life with Donald and makes a lot of unnecessary comments on her body, like "you have a big chest for a model" while Donald chuckles in the background.


If you haven't yet run screaming from your computer in horror, you can listen to the whole interview here:

This is pretty bad. Sure, it's not "grab them by the pussy" bad. But if those are the standards we're holding our president to, we're in big trouble.

Poor Melania. Poor all of us.