Standing on the brink of military confrontation with North Korea and a potential campaign in Syria, President Donald Trump is focused on what matters: the New England Patriots' visit to the White House.

The New England Tom Bradys visited the White House on April 19th to celebrate their Super Bowl win, with some notable absences. Namely: Tom Brady, who cited "family matters."

Those "family matters" are likely his wife Gisele Bünchen's conscience. On the very day that Tom Brady was supposed to visit the White House, the supermodel tweeted out an exciting message about the upcoming anti-Trump Climate March.


The "failing" New York Times tweeted out side-by-side photos of the Patriots' party with Obama versus their's with Trump, and it couldn't help but remind people of the inauguration.

"This is the largest amount of football players at the White House in history, PERIOD," Sean Spicer screams into the mirror.


Now, the New England Patriots' Twitter account jumped in with some context, and there was a 99% chance they did so at the request of Donald Trump.

The New York Times then jumped in with more context for their context.

The New England Patriots had to jump to the Bush era to make the photo seem normal.


Donald Trump dedicated his morning toilet tweetstorm to bashing the New York Times for their tweets.

But, as the Patriots would say, this tweet "lacks context."


While it's awesome that Donald Trump got to meet a similar amount of Patriots staff, players literally made PSAs about why they didn't want to meet him. Watch former player Chris Long speak up about what he wants his son to see:

And the ones who did go to the White House didn't even give Donald Trump their autographs, it seems in the tweet below. They probably knew that Trump would try to sell it on eBay for millions.


Looks like the Patriots can be real patriots.