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Trump just tweeted his response to the NFL protests against him. Everyone's angrier now.

Trump just tweeted his response to the NFL protests against him. Everyone's angrier now.


On Tuesday morning, Donald Trump rolled out of his White House bed, spared a single nostalgic thought for the gold toilet in his Manhattan apartment, and fired off approximately one hundred thousand (six total) morning tweets. But it was the recurring topic of national anthem protests at football games that seemed to grab most of Twitter's attention.

It began with a note about ratings, based on apparently nothing.

And it continued with an analysis on crowd reaction, as interpreted by Trump.

The third tweet, and the phrase "great anger" began trending.

"The booing at the NFL football game last night," wrote Trump, "When the entire Dallas team dropped to its knees, was loudest I have ever heard."

And the cherry on top...

"Great anger."

Monday night in Arizona, as the Cowboys played the home team Cardinals, owner Jerry Jones took a knee with the rest of the team before the national anthem.

The issue of national anthem protests has blown up in the last few days, after Trump used an Alabama rally to call any player who kneels for the anthem a "son of a bitch."

In response, protests increased at games over the weekend, culminating in the Cowboys' display at Monday night football in Arizona. For the record, "Arizona players also stood and linked arms during the anthem," according to the Washington Post.

The anthem protests began with Colin Kaepernick last year, when the NFL quarterback took a knee to protest police brutality and racial inequality.

At his rally, Trump said the protests are "a total disrespect of our heritage" — but made to sure to claim later that his anger has no connection to race.

After his latest tantrum, Twitter's rolling its eyes.

After a nice break, for maybe some coffee and a little chat with Jared Kushner via private email, Trump returned to Twitter to offer a solution—hey, why not suppress free speech?

How very patriotic.

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