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Trump's latest verbal sh*tshow belongs in his Awkward Hall Of Fame. Enjoy the cringe!

Trump's latest verbal sh*tshow belongs in his Awkward Hall Of Fame. Enjoy the cringe!


On Friday, Donald Trump spoke to the National Association of Manufacturers in Washington and emphasized the White House's response to the disaster unfolding in Puerto Rico, which has been criticized as slow and ineffective.

Except, it would appear Trump had a slight brain fart during his speech. Describing the difficulty of providing assistance to a territory remote from the mainland United States, he seemed to forget the word for "ocean." That, or he was just looking for a scarier way to describe one.

No matter what happened, it's almost shocking to listen to:

"This is an island," began Trump, speaking slower than Kevin from The Office. "Surrounded by water. Big water," he continued, before finally getting there: "Ocean water."

Remember when Trump made this boast? "I know words... have the best words."

Never has that been more apparent.

Twitter nearly had a heart attack simultaneously laughing and crying at the turn of phrase, which surely belongs in the Trump's "Best Words" hall of fame


Earlier in the speech, Trump had said he wanted to give "our thoughts and prayers to the people of Puerto Rico" and announced that some 10,000 emergency responders had been sent to the island's aid, according to Business Insider.

"The response and recovery effort probably has never been seen for something like this," added Trump, before dropping his pitch-perfect line about "big water" to justify a slower-than-ideal response.

If you're curious about the info in one of those tweets above, this book explains that a bonobo named Kanzi once coined the term "big water" for "flood."

Anyway, check out this link if you want to help hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

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