President-elect Trump still has yet to take official State Department briefings or denounce the hundreds of hate crimes being perpetrated in his name, but he does carve himself out the time to watch—and whine about—Saturday Night Live.

Trump called into The Today Show to boast about discuss his bigly, tremendous, really just the best honor of joining Hitler and Obama in the ranks of being TIME's Person of the Year.


Matt Lauer took the time to politely grill the President-elect on his tweeting habits, something he said he'd curtail once elected. Lauer went for the jugular, bringing up the dark cloud that rains over political office that is SNL.

"Can we agree, President-elect Trump, that at this stage, it'll be better for you to simply stop watching SNL, as opposed to watching it, and then complaining about it?" Lauer asked, managing to keep a straight face.


Ever the narcissist, Trump began answering by reminding you of his own sketch comedy chops, saying, “I hosted SNL when it was a good show, but it’s not a show anymore."

“First of all, nothing to do with me —there’s nothing funny about it, the skits are terrible," he said, having clearly not understood the brilliance of David S. Pumpkins or Wells for Boys.

"So why do you keep watching it?" Lauer straight-up asks, to which Trump responded, “I do like [Alec] and I like him as an actor, but I don’t think his imitation of me gets me at all. It’s meant to be very mean-spirited.”


“But you can’t bring yourself to stop watching it?” Lauer asks, again.

“Frankly, the way the show is going now, when you look at the kind of work they’re doing, who knows how long that show’s going to go on? It’s a terrible show.”

Yes Donald, after 42 seasons with ups and downs, who knows how long it'll last?


Everyone has given up on that show at some point or another. Giving up on SNL is as much a cultural tradition as SNL. But Trump just won't let it go, he wants to actively cry "bias!" every week.

With such strong opinions, Mr. Trump, if you step down we will gladly offer you a position to recap the show for Someecards. You watch SNL like it's your job, so it might as well be.