In case you were still questioning just how much Donald Trump respects (non-nasty) women, here's an interview with BBC HARDtalk's Tim Sebastian from from 1998 where Trump talks about women's "acts." In his 1997 book The Art of the Comeback, Trump (or whoever did the actual writing) apparently wrote, "Women have one of the great acts of all time. The smart ones act very feminine and needy, but inside they're real killers." As for feminism, Trump thinks,

The smart ones are the ones that really go out and do it without waving the banner of women’s liberation. And if you look at the really successful women, those are the ones that have not had to wave that big banner, they've just gone out and done it.


He also thinks that women are "more aggressive" than men, explaining,

I believe that women are actually stronger than men, and I actually say that they’re not so much stronger, but I think they’re aggressive than men. . . I think that women’s sex drives are as good or greater than men’s sex drive. And I mean, I’ve been witness to it, and perhaps you have too if you’re lucky. But the sex drive of women is extraordinary. They like to portray themselves as the weaker sex, but the weaker sex does not exist, believe me. They’re certainly the more aggressive sex.


All right, ladies, the jig is up, Donald Trump knows that you're portraying yourself as weak in order to…trick men into having sex with you? Wait, no, that doesn't make any sense. Well, anyway, clearly The Donald knows what he's talking about, given that he's been married three times!

He adds that "even in business," sometimes women are more aggressive than men, and he doesn't know why. Hmm, could it be that they are people with different strengths and interests, just like men? Maybe? You think?

Sources: h/t ThinkProgress