14 people who definitely won't regret getting Donald Trump tattoos.

14 people who definitely won't regret getting Donald Trump tattoos.

Ever since Donald Trump announced he was running for President, tributes have been popping up everywhere. People carved Donald Trump Pumpkins, put on sexy Donald Trump costumes, and even forced Trump wigs on their cats' tiny heads. Love him or hate him, he's apparently here to stay. And for the people who hopped on the latest trend of getting Donald Trump tattoos, he will stay with them forever.

1. Imagine being drunk enough to request this Trump head on a baby body tattoo.

2. Eyebrows on fleek.

3. Good-bye tramp stamps on hot sluts, hello Trump stamps on hairy slobs. 

4. Low-budget tattoo artist, you're fired!

5. Don't worry; it's only permanent. 


6. That Donald Rump is UUUGE! 

7. Donald thinks this is the sexiest thing he's ever seen, except for his daughter.

8. If Trump doesn't win, you can always tell people this is a pic of John Travolta from The People vs. OJ Simpson. 


9. Say good-bye to shorts forever.


10. Bob's Tattoo Paradise in New Hampshire is giving away free Donald Trump tats like this one, unless you're a hater or loser.


11. Classier than Trump Tower.

12. If you don't have one of these by November, President Trump will have you deported.

How we do. @alex_engelbert

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13. With this many options, you'll wish you had more skin.


14. Is this tattoo pro- or anti-Trump? It's more confusing than one of Sarah Palin's rants.

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