Trump showed a rare example of contrition when he took down this nasty tweet he had quoted.

Shots fired! Then sucked back into the gun. (Twitter via The Wrap)

It turns out that Donald Trump is more than just a racist, narcissistic blowhard with terrible hair. He's also a fickle retweeter. He'll retweet something on the spur of the moment because it appeals to his base desires, then take it down hours later when he realizes it can damage his nonexistent credibility.

On July 4th, Trump quoted a tweet from user @RobHeilbron, who wrote "#JebBush has to like Mexican Illegals because of his wife." Heilbron was referring to Bush's wife Columba, a legal immigrant from Mexico. Let me stress that part: LEGAL. Not that a distinction like that ever bothered Trump – he's still bugging Obama about being an illegal immigrant. I think he doesn't realize Hawaii is a state.

Sources: The Wrap