After a Monday night revelation implicating Donald Trump Jr. in perhaps the biggest Russia scandal yet, President Donald Trump was conspicuously silent. Hours ticked by without a response from the president on Twitter. In the Twitter world Donald lives in, hours are years.

On Wednesday morning—after a Tuesday statement through official channels—POTUS' Twitter finally released his pent up rage.

Back to the classics: Sad!


This was to follow up his tweet the night before, promoting his son's appearance on Fox News.

(Note: Kind of Trump to remind us who Donald Trump Jr. is: "my son, Donald.")

That appearance, with super friend Sean Hannity, has been summed up thusly:


President Trump's response, calling his son an "innocent" victim of a "Witch Hunt," does little to address the hundreds of questions that have arisen from Junior's email chain connecting him to a meeting with a Russian lawyer.

That he released himself.

That had the subject line: "Re: Russia - Clinton - private and confidential."

Stay tuned, because the gloves are off—the boxing gloves Trump wears to keep himself from tweeting. Those are off.