Since he started his campaign for the presidency, scrolling back through Donald Trump's old tweets is like taking a stroll down Hypocrite Lane. He bashed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on Twitter for so many of the same things that he's now done himself. Unsurprisingly, he's pretty low on self-awareness and he's got a very short memory. Here are some examples, in no particular order, of Trump tweets that really haven't aged well.

On Medicaid

Hm, that's weird, because Trump's budget actually slashes Medicaid.


On Healthcare

Interestingly, the GOP healthcare bill would leave 13 million more people uninsured.

On security clearance

Trump actually did request, and get, security clearance (and a West Wing office) for his daughter, Ivanka. Not fake news.


On Obama playing golf and traveling

Trump is on track to spending more on travel in the first year of his presidency than Barack Obama did in all eight of his. And despite constantly criticizing Obama for playing golf, as of June 12, Trump has played 17 times, while Obama had only played five. Trump just straight up DGAF.


On transparency

Every President since Nixon has released his tax returns. Trump still hasn't, and apparently isn't planning to. But he hounded Obama relentlessly about his college records and his birth certificate. Trump definitely believed in transparency until it involved him.


On Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump admitted that he wanted to be Putin's friend, after mocking Obama for being too soft on the Russians.

On unnamed sources

Trump only seems to like unnamed sources when they benefit him. Otherwise, it's fake news.

On accountability

Trump doesn't think independent counsel is terribly important in the Russia investigation, but he went after Obama for not having an independent investigation into security leaks. Kind of a big change of heart, no?


On executive actions

You guessed it, Trump signed more executive actions in his first two weeks than any other president ever.

On nuclear weapons

Trump declined to confirm that he wouldn't use nuclear weapons on Europe. What was that about "crazy or incompetent leaders"?

On the electoral college

Trump hated the electoral college, until it benefited him. Then it was great.


On classified information

After repeatedly bashing Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified information ("But her emails!"), Trump leaked top secret information in his meeting with the Russians. It's almost as if trusting a man who bragged on mic about molesting women isn't too great with keeping secrets.


On "amateurs in office"

The definition of amateur is "an individual who is new to, or not yet skilled in, a particular skill." Trump himself said he "never realized how big [the presidency] was." Paul Ryan said Trump is "learning as he goes." Hello, pot? Yeah, it's kettle.


On having a leader who isn't a "laughing stock to the entire World."

This tweet doesn't hold up so well now.

On impeachment

This is a very good question.