On Monday night, the Washington Post released a bombshell report that said President Donald Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian ambassador and the Russian foreign minister in a White House meeting last week.

Last night the White House paraded out three top administration officials to deny the reports, as New York magazine reports, but then Donald Trump woke up this morning and said, "Yup! It was me! I did it!" He did something similar just last week, when he got his people to insist that he fired former FBI James Comey because of the Deputy Attorney General's recommendation, only to later say, "Yup! I did it because of the Russia investigation!"


Just like he allegedly blurted out sensitive, classified intel to a foreign adversary, today Trump blurted out that the report of him doing that is indeed true.

Here's Trump's morning confession on Twitter, translated.

Translation: As President, I know a lot. I know the best things, I know all of the things. It's my prerogative to boast what I know about sensitive counter-terrorism operations to a foreign adversary, just so I look cool and strong. Who cares if this could endanger the Intelligence Community on the ground and alienate key allies? These are my bros Sergey and Sergey (Lavrov and Kislyak! Funny how all Russian men are named Sergey!)

Is that not enough of an explanation? Okay, here's a thing. I JUST learned the word "humanitarian," so I will throw that in, and I will throw it in bigly. HUMANITARIAN! Sure, you might not think that Putin's Russia, which systematically kills opponents and journalists and gay people, are not "humanitarian" partners, but AS PRESIDENT, it's my prerogative (check out that fancy word I just learned, too!)

Plus, I want Russia to step up their fight against ISIS and terrorism, at least to the level at which they fight opponents and journalists and gay people.

Okay, Fake Media? Nothing says "Make America Great Again" like endangering America to impress the Russians that got me elected. MAGA!


Translation: I have no self-awareness, so let me deflect and make this about LEAKERS, even though the leaker is me! I'm always talking about myself, except when something actually applies to me!

This is serious sh*t. It's already been reported that an unidentified European country might stop sharing intelligence with the United States now that Trump has passed along classified, sensitive information to the Russians.


Thank god it's Friday because we can all use a break.

Wait, it's only Tuesday?