Another Sunday, another presidential Twitter rampage from a one Mr. Donald Trump.

This particular rant was unique in that Trump started it off with, of all things, a book recommendation. (Who knew he reads books?!)

That book is Cop Under Fire, by David A. Clark. We'll give you some time to add it to your Kindles.

All set? Great. After getting his recommendations out of the way, Trump turned his attention to the Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts.


Of course, he made sure to point out that he'd also be visiting Missouri, where he "won by a lot in '16."


C.M. stands for Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, but I honestly can't figure out for the life of me what "S" stands for. Seat? Senate? Please comment with your guesses.

Anyway, back to Texas!

"My hurricane is the biggest hurricane you've ever seen, it's really unbelievable."

We suppose with all this tweeting about Texas, Trump just couldn't help but have his thoughts wander over to the state's neighbor, Mexico. He once again insisted that Mexico would pay for "THE WALL."


And then, threatened to dismantle NAFTA because Mexico and Canada are being "difficult."

And then it was back to hurricane updates.


I need a cup of coffee.