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Video of Trump kissing a young woman and talking about a 'beautiful' teenage waitress is going viral.

Video of Trump kissing a young woman and talking about a 'beautiful' teenage waitress is going viral.


A recently unearthed video of Donald Trump from before he was president shows the now Commander-in-Chief squeezing and kissing a young woman who asked about becoming a flight attendant on one of his private jets. Then, because it wasn't creepy enough already, he told the story of how he hired a teenage girl with absolutely no experience as a waitress, just because she was "beautiful." It's a good thing an old man leering at and touching younger women isn't inappropriate or anything.

In the video, after jokingly (maybe jokingly?? Hopefully jokingly.) telling the young woman that she's hired, and the story about the "beautiful girl of 17 or 18" he hired as a waitress, he says,

Now if she worked on my plane, that's like a death wish for me, right? That's like an alcoholic — I have plenty of friends, they're wonderful people, but they're alcoholics. You put a scotch in front of him… This would be my form of alcoholism.

So Trump's admitting that he's addicted to…very young women?

The video was tweeted by the account @nowthisnews, and the response from people on Twitter was pretty mixed.

Some people were fine with it, and didn't think there was anything wrong with a powerful businessman talking about women like objects.

But more commenters seemed to feel otherwise.

Quite a few people also suggested that the young woman might have been planted in the audience to make Trump look good. As if a lecherous old man is a "good" look for anyone, let alone a man who will one day go on to be president.

It's truly difficult to imagine any of our previous presidents acting and speaking this lewdly in front of a crowd, but it's also hard to imagine previous presidents doing about 90 percent of what Trump did and does.

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