Are you suffering any of the common side effects of Donald Trump's presidency, which can include depression, anxiety, irritability and screaming "WHYYYYYYY" at the TV?

If you thought you were the only one with Trump-Induced Anxiety Disorder (TIAD), you're not. But now there's a "medical" solution. And no, it's not Zoloft™! Though I can say from experience that it helps.

Just watch:


Like any other pharmaceutical "drugs," Impeachara does have side effects. But you probably won't mind them. "Side-effects may include elation, the ability to focus on work and family again, and reconnecting with people you called ignorant fuck faces on social media," says the voice-over.


This spoof-ad, created by LA-based writer/director Sam Friedlander, has gone viral. And while I, too, am disappointed that I can't actually get my psychiatrist to prescribe this "drug" for me, just watching the ad has helped clear up some of that anxiety, at least until next time I read the news.


So next time you find yourself about to start screaming at your TV (or family members or strangers on Twitter or a driver with a "MAGA" bumper sticker), just say the word "impeachara" softly to yourself. I've had to do this twelve times today already. Folks, it works.