These big election wins from last night were the ultimate karmic justice.

These big election wins from last night were the ultimate karmic justice.

Election night 2017 was a good one for Democrats, for once. A "blue wave" rolled through Virginia, New Jersey, and local races throughout the country. The sweetest victories weren't only the ones that stuck it to Trump at the ballot box, but also these lesser-known ones that got personal.

1. Danica Roem defeats "bathroom bill" bigot to become the nation's first openly trans lawmaker.

On Tuesday night, Roem defeated Delegate Robert G. Marshall, a 73-year-old man who prided in calling himself "Virginia's chief homophobe" and fought against LGBT rights for 13 terms in the state's House of Delegates.

Marshall was such a dick throughout the campaign that he referred to Roem in male pronouns, and refused to debate her. His campaign focused on her transgender identity, and lost.

Classier than all of us, after she won, Roem refused to speak ill of Marshall.

"I don't attack my constituents. Bob is my constituent now," she said.

2. Ashley Bennett, angered by a politician's sexist joke, took his seat.

After a New Jersey Republican John Carman shared a gross meme on Facebook about the Women's March in January, Democrat Ashley Bennett decided to get the ultimate revenge.


Carman shared a meme asking if the Women's March "over in time for them to cook dinner," and now he's eating his words having lost re-election as Atlantic City freeholder.

Bennett works as a psychiatry emergency screener at a hospital, and makes womankind proud.

3. Chris Hurst, whose girlfriend was shot and killed on live TV, defeated a state delegate with an "A" from the NRA.

Hurst, a former TV anchor, was disturbed by the indifference displayed by lawmakers in Virginia after his girlfriend Alison Parker was killed by gun violence at just 24 years old. Motivated to make a change, he defeated incumbent Del. Joseph Yost, who was endorsed by the NRA.


4. Ed Gillespie, because he went full Trump and lost.

As many pundits have explained, in running for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, lobbyist Ed Gillespie did the Trumpian thing and ran a race-baiting campaign about gangs, Confederate statues, and kneeling NFL players.


Fascinatingly, Virginia voters were more interested in talking about health care and gun control, and following the Trumpian playbook backfired spectacularly, as "Trumpism without Trump" just doesn't fly.

He went full Trump, man. Never go full Trump.