Alyssa Mastromonaco worked for Barack Obama for 12 years and served as his White House Deputy Chief of Staff from 2011 to 2014–so it's safe to say she knows a tad more about his presidency than Donald Trump does.

Friday morning, Trump woke up early and presented America with a tweetstorm of nonsense. Perhaps the most nonsensical tweet was the one where he claimed he has made more progress against ISIS this year alone than Obama did in eight years.


And while many Trump critics responded by telling Trump he was wrong, no one did it better than Mastromonaco, who reminded the president of the Obama administration's biggest action against terrorism in one perfect tweet:

Tons of people replied to Mastromonaco's tweet, praising her flawless comeback.

However, several people pointed out that bin Laden was not actually in ISIS, but in al Qaeda, a different terrorist organization. Basically, they mansplained terrorism to a former White House aide. *eye roll*

While ISIS and al Qaeda are different, The Hill explains that the two organizations were tied until 2014, when al Quada disowned ISIS. When Obama's administration executed bin Laden, ISIS and al Qaeda were still linked. So we're going to keep regarding Mastromonaco's tweet as mic drop-worthy.