The figurative George W. Bush comeback tour continued on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night when the 43rd President stopped by to promote his new book of paintings, Portraits of Courage. Although Bush left office with a historically low 37% approval rating, the country seems to look at the former POTUS in a more forgiving light given the current political climate.


The president-turned-painter joked about his new hobby by saying, "The art community was not exactly my base of support." Ah, remember when presidents were self-aware? Simpler times.


Bush started by painting dogs (Dubya even dubbed himself as a "pet portrait painter"), but he has already graduated to sketching popular late-night talk show hosts. Jimmy Kimmel and George W. Bush ended up doing impromptu sketches of one another, and they both definitely have their own styles.

Wow, these two have more chemistry than Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. Draw me like one of your French Poodles, Mr. President.

George W. Bush's new book of oil paintings, Portraits of Courage, is on sale now and proceeds go to helping United States veterans.