Woah. In under a minute, this clip from a Gilmore Girls episode from 2002 sums up America's current political situation, 14 years later. The clip shows Rory Gilmore's college roommate, Paris Geller, in her frustrating bid for student body president. It's a job she's extremely qualified for, except for one thing: people just don't like her. Sound familiar?

Just watch:


It's uncanny how the "sneakily feminist" show perfectly nailed the "likability trap" that has plagued Hillary Clinton's campaign from the very beginning.

“That’s crazy," says Paris in the clip. "You mean people would rather vote for a moronic twink who they liked over someone who could actually do the job?”

Her friends confirm that yes, people would rather vote for some "moronic twink," and then they suggest that her only chance of winning is if the opponent is involved in a sex scandal.


Uncanny, right?

Here's the good news: Paris Geller triumphs over her lack of likability and wins student body president. If the makers of Gilmore Girls can predict the future, as this clip would suggest, that bodes well for our future.

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Sources: Twitter