"I'll be here all week. And for the next 1.5 years. And given incumbency rates, until I die."

Oh Harry Reid, you may be the leader of the putatively more minority-friendly Democratic party in the Senate, but that doesn't mean you're not a 74-year-old white guy from the great State of Nevada, which is 66% non-Hispanic white today—but was 84% in 1990. This whole "roomful of Asians" thing might still be kind of a novel thing for him, which explains his very cheerful delivery of jokes about Asian stereotypes (but he wants to make sure they know they're not smarter) and names to the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce. I don't think he had any malice, but he's definitely failing the first lesson of joke-telling: know your audience. Sen. Reid was at the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce to convince the group to endorse the Democratic candidate in the race for Lieutenant Governor...which he did not do.

Sources: Gawker