A political talking head suggesting a fashion accessory for Hillary Clinton's inauguration would be bad enough if it weren't all a mean-spirited ruse. But of course it was just that when Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of the GOP in North Carolina, went on MSNBC to smile and hold up a pair of handcuffs.

"Their candidate, if elected, could have these on inauguration day."

"You're bringing props for our show here, Dallas? That's a pair of handcuffs," said the utterly dumbfounded host, Hallie Jackson.


"Absolutely. Hillary Clinton inauguration jewelry!"

The segment ended quickly after the prop comedy work, with Jackson saying "I'm getting a hard wrap from my producer..."

"Well, you know, your producer should loosen up," responded Woodhouse. "We make good TV together, Ms. Jackson."

After the appearance, Dallas Woodhouse's brother, Brad Woodhouse, took to Twitter.


Brad Woodhouse runs a pro-Clinton super PAC and presumably the "anti-Dallas" section of the Thanksgiving dinner table.