Finally, news about a Clinton getting head and tail that you can share with your kids: Hillary Clinton won six precincts in Iowa last night by coin toss, which is, apparently, the totally legal way that Iowa caucuses work in the case of a tie between the leading candidates.

Clinton and Bernie Sanders received the same number of votes in those six precincts, and state rules hold that in the event of a tie, the precinct (and its county delegates) goes to the candidate that wins a coin toss. Clinton supporters won the coin toss in all six of the districts (calling heads in two districts, tails in two others, and the unknown correct guess in the final two)—the odds of which are 64-to-1, according to The Daily Mail. A physical piece of money overwhelmingly favoring the former Secretary of State is also a hilariously literal metaphor for moneyed interests favoring Hillary Clinton.

Sources: Daily Mail